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Gender Unknown….

September 25, 2011

I’m off to a baby shower today, the kids wanted to know why we all go to shower the baby…ha ha…must admit, I can’t wait till the baby arrives to cuddle baby and to finally know if its a boy or a girl and that all is well with mum and baby.

In this case the baby is ‘gender unknown’ which now days here in NZ seems quite few and far between so there is lots of guessing and old wives tales being discussed.

I have made a little baby set…I’ll do more when baby arrives and I know result of the boy, girl lottery. To avoid the pinks, blues and whites for now…I went with colours of spring and made another cute little olwie hat with matching booties and a soft rattle ball….take a look…


Sew Beautiful…..

September 24, 2011

I’ve been sewing this morning to make a lovely little purple toned owl skirt for a lovely little girls birthday party later today…it came out fabulously and I am sure she’ll love it.

I also was looking back through some of my older photos and have added some of my favorites for you to view in a slide show below….enjoy…..I do!

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Road Trip….

September 21, 2011

Summers coming…spring gives us little hints of that at some point during each week….

Summer for me always means family fun in the car on a road trip to see the relatives and friends through the Christmas break….maybe that’s what inspired this little car beanie number….and yes some more owls….

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Market day was a hoot…

September 18, 2011

The Knack took place on a surprisingly beautiful sunny spring day. The foot traffic was lighter than usual with so much else on in the city for the Rugby World Cup including other regular craft markets.

My crochet hats drew a lot of interest with the few Owl hats I had just flying out the door with happy customers.

While I was at the market I took to crochet again!…this is the result…a cute little owl hat for a 1-2 year old….


Bag of Plenty….

September 16, 2011

Given this fabric and asked to make a sling over shoulder bag…I thought hmmmm and then just got started…this is the result….speckled chocolate eggs on the outside and the Easter bunnies hiding inside. Pretty great I think….although it makes me want to take a break and eat some chocolate!

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Candyfloss and LolliPops….

September 15, 2011

Market day is approaching rapidly….and spring brings with it sinus issues for me…oh how I adore the daffodils and kowhai, but the runny nose, headaches and icky sneezes…well these I could do without.

Nik has made some wonderful hat-stands … to raise my eye catching hats on my market table….cause although its spring outside the rain and wind thunders down and we’re only a day past a massive hail storm…and the other side of the world is about the hit winter so yes hats for my spring market…I think perfect. There are a few extras like hairbands, hairclips, wrist cuffs and other bits I just could resist crafting.

Anyway – the title – candyfloss and Lollipops….carnival Christmas season is fast approaching and I tried a hat I once remember seeing and really wasn’t sure the whole time I was making it that it would turn out ok…but have to say it now appears to be a fav…although plenty more fiddle and sewing with this…I think its worth it…

And then – how about another slideshow gallery of some of my more recent items for the market…..(and there are MANY more)

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Gotta get blogging…..

September 12, 2011

I’ve become obsessed with crochet and am even venturing out with stitch types, colours and styles…see what I’ve been up to lately….

Some of these creations have been made for special people and special events.

I will have many more wonderful bright items available at the next KNACK at Berhampore School Wellington, NZ 17 Sept 2011 from 9:30am….so book the date aside and pop along and see me and the wonderful crochet hats I’ve made, and all the other great craft and crafters the Knack offers.

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