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Pippi Longstocking and Lego Man off to school

January 29, 2012

More party invites….more reading bags for school library day for birthday boy and girl.

One fabulous Pippi Longstocking, Mr Nilsson and Horse Reading bag as pictured, which has fantastic green and red mushroom fabric on the back.

Then there is Lego ‘Read’ man for the birthday boy, it has the building blocks type fabric on the back…you can see a glimpse of this at the top…and then some reflective ribbon … just an added we bit of boy bling.

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Pippi Party Planning going well…

January 21, 2012

Still a few weeks till the Pippi Longstocking Pirate Party and naughty me couldn’t resist giving the little Pippi Pirate the Pippi doll I made for her…you can tell from the photos she loved it.

Mr Nilsson (little sister) is looking amazing too and fully mastered the sounds of a monkey needing attention.

I Feel like making a whole collection of Pippi dolls, dress up shoes, hats and costumes….so fab…. My inspiration for the doll came from the amazing doll handmade and posted on mmmcrafts
I of course had to add the pipe cleaners to her hair to give it the sticky out tussled look. I am very impressed with the result, as are the girls.

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YeeHa Cow Girl….

January 8, 2012

Christmas is past and we all had a fab time far away…being farm girls so when we returned home to find rain and a February baby party invite…hence we couldn’t resit a bit of country…the lucky party girl gets this fabulous cowgirl skirt…yep shes gonna be 10 so seems fitting with the grown up look…she loves horses too so the theme and style is totally right….lets hope the skirt is a perfect fit and just right in terms of birthday wishes….YeeHa CowGirl!!!